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Dormia (2009)

Dormia (2009)

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0547076657 (ISBN13: 9780547076652)
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About book Dormia (2009)

Alfonso goes on an epic quest to find out what his deal with the ever changing flower. He learns more about his sleep walking condition and more about him self. This book was exciting and makes you wonder about those sleep walkers in real life. It'll be cool if sleep walking could be that productive. I like the realness of being unsure but at the same time frustrated that Alfonso couldn't make up his mind about who to trust. Totally and completely awesome!!! I just finished yesterday and still the author leaves me wanting more. Is it all over for Alfonso now that he delivered the bloom and now is on his way home? Will he ever visit his Uncle Hill again? If he does will he bring his mom and pappy? So many questions and a thirst for adventure that this author has given me. Major thumbs up and no one can change my mind on that for sure.

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That game of ballast with the sailors sure looks really dangerous to do it in your sleep.

This book really pulled me in.

it's a realy good book.


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