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Double Exposure (1988)

Double Exposure (1988)
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Double Exposure (1988)
Double Exposure (1988)

About book: Double exposure is about these 2 boys and their names r frank and joe hardy they r actually brothers.well,its about when frank and joe get a phone call saying meet them at this parking lot they say ok. well, when they got their this mercedes pulled next to them in the driving seet was a very built guy muscular and every thing few seconds later they drive about 10 min. later a van pulls up their was a person that was skinny i think orange hair. He got out and said to the brothers.Frank and Joe did't beleive him so they said proveit the guy said everything about their lives. well, couple min. later thatmercedes pulls up and shoots at them if you want to find out what happens next read double exposure by franklin w. dixon.
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