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Double Homicide (2015)

Double Homicide (2015)
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Double Homicide (2015)
Double Homicide (2015)

About book: Short novellas disappoint -- we wanted Decker & Alex !!We were so excited to learn that two of our favorite authors -- Faye and Jonathan Kellerman (husband and wife as well) -- had teamed up to write "a novel" entitled Double Homicide. We were all set for a sparkling Alex Delaware (on one murder) meeting Peter Decker (on the other), and the twain happily and merrily collaborating to nail the bad guys. Alas, we and the publishers and authors were not seeing eye to eye; instead, we got two rather short novellas, one set in Boston, the other in Santa Fe, in which respective murders we generally could have cared less about are more or less solved by two new detective pairs in each location. Santa Fe is about an obnoxious art dealer who gets bumped off; the ending is so placid that it defies belief. Boston is about a college basketball player that dies in a shooting at a nightclub after a vicious game. The actual cause of death creates what little mystery is on hand. Admittedly, the physical packaging was clever, with the two stories upside down so that both book faces look like front covers. Some reviewers mistook the alternating author bylines to presume Faye wrote one story and Jon the other; rather, we suspect they drafted both and took turns writing chapters as the spirit moved. Unfortunately, neither of the stories do justice to the fine writing skills each displays in their longer novels. "Double" looks suspiciously like something due on contract for holiday sales fodder -- but if you must read it, wait for the paperback; and even that you might want to wait for a hand-me-down. We doubt we'll see any more of these joint efforts or these characters, and frankly, it's just as well if this is the best they can do. Now, what about Decker meets Delaware ?!?!

Boston:Two pages in a mother finds a gun in the bottom of her teenaged son's back pack. Being as the mother in question here is a Police Detective, does she go into ball busting mode? Not a chance and On page three, her 21 year old son chews her out for invading his brother's privacy... all I can think of is "I'm your MOTHER, he is a minor and you still live under my roof, you do not have any damned privacy from ME!" From there she goes into a weepy reconciliation scene that gave me the creeps as she was not talking to a lover but her offspring. Hopefully this is not an indication once again of Faye Kellerman's total inability to create a non dishrag female protaganist.(She turns out to not be a complete dishrag but it IS the men around her that solve the mystery.) The twist at the end was interesting but rather rendered the whole story a non starter.Perhaps even more shocking was the utter lack of ANY Jewish characters or references!Santa Fe:I love the smooth readability of Jonathon Kellerman's narrative particularly when he is setting the scene or writing backstory. However, I would have liked more mystery and less backstory on everyone. In the end it was not quite as twisty as typical Kellerman but leaves you hanging.Overall not bad, but rather lacking and I'm left wanting something more...
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I listened to the 2 novella-length mysteries - for the 2nd time, I discoverd. Loved the first one - about a mom who is a detective and her basketball--playing son. For the second time, when the end came, I didn't realize it WAS the end. I wanted MORE - and waited for the CD to move to the next chapter. It didn't. Instead, we moved (from Boston, I think, to Santa Fe) to another story - less engaging, with less attractive characters. The end wasn't particularly satisfying, in part because we had no lead up to the characters who were involved in the resolution. I always enjoy the regular characters of either of the Kellermans' mysteries, but not the second set of THESE characters - and the first set of characters, whom I was primed to enjoy for many more chapters cut me off short.
Jonathan Kellerman and wife Faye Kellerman co-authored this book. Double Homicide is a quick read. It is not representative of their books. Their fans will probably like it. Double Homicide contains two short novels. The first story is Double Homicide: Boston. A city college basketball star is shot at a nightclub after a game. The suspect is from the opposing team. The crime appears open-and-shut to detectives Michael McCain and Doris Breton. But all is not as it appears according to the forensic evidence. The second story is Double Homicide: Santa Fe. A wealthy, powerful art dealer, Larry Olafson, is found murdered. Detectives Darryl Two Moons and his partner Steve Katz investigate. In both stories, the personal lives of the detectives are effectively woven into the plots. The second story is the stronger of the two. I also recommend the audio format. Readers John Rubinstein and Lou Diamond Phillips do a great job.
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Not all stories set around Christmas can be classified as Christmas stories. This book is two independent stories taking place in Boston, Massachusetts and the other in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The first story entitled In the Land of the Giants is of a murder that just might not be. When someone you know is killed, as a police officer you must maintain your distance and objectivity. As a mother it may just be asking too much. How can you suppress your emotions and stay focused on your job? It is a question Detective Dorothy Breton has to find an answer to as she investigates the death of one of her son’s team mates.The second tale Still Life, is of an art dealer that is discovered by his houseboy with his occiput jellified. Lawrence Leonard Olafson was rich, influential and the big man around town. When it is discovered that robbery isn’t the motive, detectives Darrel Two Moons and Steve Katz are faced with a challenge. This is my introduction to the Kellermans and I am impressed. Like the books written by Tess Gerritsen, the Kellermans display a closely coordinated effort between the police department and the coroner’s office. After this one taste I would say that I prefer Gerritsen to Kellerman but I have many books yet to read. I’ll keep my mind open. This is a book many will enjoy and it has a thumbs up from me.
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