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Dragon Spear (2009)

Dragon Spear (2009)

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1599903695 (ISBN13: 9781599903699)
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

About book Dragon Spear (2009)

After reading the first two books a couple of years ago I was so excited when my library got this last book in the story of Creel a young sewer and her dragon friends. The first two books, Dragon Slippers and Dragon Flight were better. This book I fell was poorly done, not a lot of effort thrown into it although it was well written. Just not a lot of plot and poor conversations. Two stars for being kind of interesting. It has everything a children's book need: comicality, adventurous story line and a lovely heroine. It promotes courage, friendship, and the beauty of diversity more that the first two books.A satisfying and entertaining conclusion of the Dragon Slippers series. To those readers who are too critical: hey this is children's and if you need a more complex story line, go read a historical fiction.

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Perfect ending to a delightful series! If I was a teacher if have this series on my book shelf

I loved this book so much! I loved it so much I got the whole series.

I loved it. This is an excellent ending to a wonderful series.

lovelovelovelovelove it (:

Yay happy ending!

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