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Dragon Stones (2000)

Dragon Stones (2000)

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About book Dragon Stones (2000)

The only thing I didn't like about this book is that it's short. Elias lives with his grandmother. He finds this stone tries to sell it, some empire soldiers come. Then the grandmother blows up the house which allows him to escape. Elias goes back to the place where he found the stone. He meets a dwarf named Thorin, then finds out his father was a dragon rider. They leave to go to the dwarf capital, on the way they stop at this one town Jutland to get some horses, as they leave that town they get followed by a necromancer (Ra'zac) which then catches up with them. The next town they go to Faerro, they meet a man from which they find out that the king has made an alliance with the orcs (Urgals). At the end of the book, they are still on the way to their destination. While this is happening the rebel king Mitca, has troubles of his own. Also the book tells of this one dragon rider and dragon. What happens to them and who they find. Dragon Stones is a wonderful book with great characters, my favorite character is Sela. It would be really cool to ride a dragon. In Dragon Stones a young boy named Elias and his grandmother live in a little town it the mountains when Elias is out getting some honeycomb he finds a strange stone. He shows it to his grandmother and she tells him to hide it. Then the imperials come, he must run. Kristian Alva wrote a wonderful book with lots of imagination. Anybody and everyone will love this book.

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very predictable and a bit to close to eragon for my liking but still an enjoyable read

a good read, so good in fact I read it in a day ,

I love books about dragons.

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