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Dragons Of The Valley (2010)

Dragons of the Valley (2010)

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1400073405 (ISBN13: 9781400073405)
Waterbrook Press

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I really enjoyed the descriptions and details included in the writing, but the confusion over the gender of Lady Peg's dragon Bar Besta was slightly disappointing. The following quote specifies that the pale blue dragon is a boy: "She beamed and laid her hand on her husband's arm to give him a shake. 'Bar Besta is a male, and he spoke to me.'" (p. 241) However, Bar Besta is later described as a girl: "Bar Besta raised her head, listened, then darted under the covers." (p.302)I enjoyed the book thouroughly overall! I plan to buy a copy, as the novel is exciting and uniquely imaginative. My latest read-for-free and review for Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group is "Dragons of the Valley" by Donita K. Paul. It's a fantasy fiction book about Tripper Schope and her friend Bealomondore. Tripper and Bealomondore are on a mission to protect 3 special statues. As they try to protect the statues, they encounter many obstacles like the Grawl. They must do all they can to protect the land of Chiril. The story has a king, little people (kimen), swords, and other such things. It reminds me of Lord of the Rings. I also thought about people who love renaissance fairs. While I do like fantasy fiction, I can't say this type was my best-loved. (I found the names hard to digest among other things.) So to be honest, I didn't love the story. But I do appreciate it. It's a well written book full of imagination.

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Same sort of story as Dragonspell series. Couldn't get into this one as much. Good book though.

YEAH !!! Looking foward to reading this one !!!

Like the dragon light series better

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