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Dreams Of Joy (2011)

Dreams of Joy (2011)

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140006712X (ISBN13: 9781400067121)
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About book Dreams Of Joy (2011)

This book was so forgettable to me that after finishing it on Monday, I realized that I had neglected to enter it into Goodreads and when I opened up the App to do so, couldn't remember what I had read, who the author was, or anything about the book. When I read the book, I found I was disappointed in the writing, which seemed to lack the beauty that others have described in See's other novels. I was repeatedly annoyed by phrases like, "and whatever else." I can't remember if that was the exact phrase, but there were multiple times when See appeared to put a catch-all in her writing so as not to have to finish the thought. I was annoyed with the characters and their behavior - especially Joy and Pearl, for rashly jumping into the sea of Communist China without any thought about what they were doing or plans for how they might leave again. I can excuse this thoughtlessness, though, because they are fictional characters. However, I don't care to read anything more about them. I don't know how true any of the depictions are of China under Communist rule, being woefully ignorant of the entire situation. So I cannot say if that part of it was even well-done or not. All in all, it wasn't horrible, but I know that it will not stay with me. In fact, only two days later, it hadn't. I enjoyed this book more than the first novel. The story is told in parts from Pearl, the mother, and Joy, the daughter. At times I wanted to kick Joy to make her see sense, but then I had to remember that she is young, and young people often make unwise decisions. The plot really moved along well and it had a good ending. There were some disturbing images in the book, especially when describing the suffering of the people during a horrific famine. Not for young readers!

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Harrowing but fascinating story about life in China's farming communes in the days of Mao.

Very interesting. Gives you a view of other countries culture.

Great sequel to Shanghai Girls. Really enjoyed it.

I just wish I had read the first book.

3.5 stars

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