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Drink Deep (2011)

Drink Deep (2011)

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About book Drink Deep (2011)

This review contains spoilers and is meant to be read after reading the book.Killing a major character in the previous book is a bold move. I remember reading GRRM’s Game of Thrones and watching events maneuver Ned into an inescapable position that the writer had to follow through or else risk losing the reader’s trust. GRRM indeed followed through and beheaded Ned. Ned was dead and stayed dead. In Neill’s case, there was absolutely no ambiguity in Ethan’s death in book 4. He was staked through the heart and turned into a cone of ashes. This is one of the ways in her world that vampires die. Ethan was dead. I also thought this is what made book 4 so compelling. With a first-person POV, I reacted as Merit did and was heartbroken along with her as I had to come to terms with this loss. I knew, however, that this loss would develop Merit as a character (and as a vampire). In a tragic way, I thought, it was for her own good.But here with book 5, I come to find out that Neill has manipulated my emotions by giving us a Dallas-esque television whoops-he-isn’t-dead-after-all moment ’cause Ethan is just too good of a character to have really killed off. Putting readers through these emotions breaks trust in the author. Resurrecting a character is not a twist or a surprise ending, it is manipulation pure and simple, and I find it an unforgivable sin. If you kill off a character, then keep that character dead. At the very least, create ambiguity around the moment of “death” to alert readers s/he may not be dead.Furthermore, the actual resurrection is unclear. Even characters who should know what happened do not know. How is resurrection of a staked vampire possible in Neill’s magic system? Perhaps this will be explored “down the road” in future books, but I think faithful readers need an answer in the book where the resurrection occurred. This alone would stop me from reading more of the series, but I confess to having been so taken with the first four books, I purchased the next few books at the same time and will read more. Up until now, I though Neill was a good storyteller and had created a fascinating world. With that said I am severely disappointed with this book. I can't tell if the series is getting better or worse. I feel the storyline isn't enough? Not enough action? not enough fun? not enough mind blowing, edge of seat suspense? Not enough romance, I don't know... It's lacking. I wish it were more about the action and development of the house and people than lusting and whining about the lack of Ethan. Why does everything have to compare to Ethan? Does anyone realise how obsessed she is with him in the few short months they knew each other? It's kind of creepy, stalker creepy... It's kind of Romance but the author doesn't want to commit... Meh, not enough action, romance or suspense for me.

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did not read, not worth the trouble if Ethan isn't in most of it.

Uh.. what just happened? That was a clusterfuck...Review to come.

And this is where I'll stop reading this series.

Very predictable

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