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Droom Vlucht (2012)

Droom vlucht (2012)
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De Banier
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Droom Vlucht (2012)
Droom Vlucht (2012)

About book: Love the author's style! The writing in the book was beautifully done, the metaphors and allegory were top notch! It was a very enjoyable book with a lovely, sweet story of a young woman's journey to trust God's plan even if it doesn't lead to the life she imagined having. characters were all very well done, developed flawlessly throughout the story, the interactions between the characters were great. It was a beautiful story and I look forward to reading more of Anne Mateer's work. I 'met' the author on Twitter a few months ago and decided I should read one of her books, just to see if she was any good (smile), you know? Some day, I hope, you will be able to say the same of me. I was a little nervous, although this is the second author to go through this process under my scrutiny (another smile). I'm pretty sure God knows what He is doing when He sets these meetings up (smile).I loved the book! and I choose not to go into detail about the story. You can read the synopsis, you can read the book, and I promise you will not be disappointed. If it looks straightforward, it is not. If it looks simple, it is not. If it looks like a million other stories, it is not. The characters, the story, the spiritual aspect of the story, the descriptions, were all good. I was there in another time and place, experiencing what the pod character went through. When I started reading and saw it was in the first person I thought I might not like it, but the author does a thorough job of sticking to the main character's point of view, which more than made up for it.I highly recommend this book and author. It's squeaky clean, some history, some romance, and lots of faith.
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Told in first person. Excellent read. I will be looking for more by Anne Mateer. Loved it :)
3.5 stars. Very sweet, if a bit predictable. An epilogue would have been nice.
Nice, light read, but the mystery was too obvious.
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