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Drop Dead Chocolate (2012)

Drop Dead Chocolate (2012)

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About book Drop Dead Chocolate (2012)

This was a great addition to the Donut Shop mysteries. Suzanne's mom is running for mayor. Then the mayor is found dead in Suzanne's mom's building. Who did it? Suzanne, Grace, and George play detective to solve the murder. Jake is on the scene but since Suzanne's mom is a suspect he has to avoid being seen with Suzanne due to the appearance of conflict of interest. Toward the end of the book a bombshell is dropped but it has nothing to do with the murder! This is a great series. It is well written and set in North Carolina! It also has donut recipes throughout! Suzanne Hart has her hands full with her donut shop, but when her mother, indignant at local shenanigans, decides to run for mayor, Suzanne assumes the role of campaign manager. The other candidates are the ex-wife of the police chief (who's dating mom) and the slippery incumbent. And then murder strikes, and there are only two candidates left. Naturally, suspicion rests on the two remaining, and Suzanne's boyfriend is brought in to investigate. She trusts Jake, of course, but how can it hurt to do a little poking around herself?

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Was agood beginning, very lagging in the middle but end was really good. I a, glad it picked up

7th in this series. I guess you could say I'm invested in these characters by now. :-)

Great story, fun recipes, and a surprising ending! What more can you ask for?

This is the third one I've read and they seem to get worse...

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