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Duizend Kilometer Tussen Jou En Mij (2014)

Duizend kilometer tussen jou en mij (2014)
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Duizend Kilometer Tussen Jou En Mij (...
Duizend Kilometer Tussen Jou En Mij (2014)

About book: The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith is about a girl named Lucy and a boy named Owen. They both live in New York, and they meet each other when the city has a huge blackout which leads them being stuck in an elevator. After that incident, they decide to stay in touch because they both have to travel to different places. However, maintaining a relationship becomes difficult due to the distance and the lack of understanding between Lucy and Owen.I think the novel was not very exciting. In my opinion, the story dragged on too long. For the whole 337 pages, there wasn't a lot of action. For example, I thought it was the most boring when Lucy and Owen were just waiting for each other to e-mail the other first. It made me impatient because none of the characters did anything. However, I did enjoy the scenes where Lucy and Owen would reflect on their past actions. These reflections portrayed the pros and cons of a long-distance relationship really well.I would recommend this book to couples who are going through the troubles of a long-distance relationship. I think they would be able to relate to the characters. Lucy and Owen have a lot of problems with miscommunication, so I think couples could maybe find a solution for this same problem by reading this story. This is a really good story! I love it!! The ending made my heart flutter. It is very clean (which is rare in YA literature nowadays) and the characters are likable. The romance is sweet and innocent, and there is also very little language. You're guaranteed to race to the ending by the last half of the book and sigh when it's over. This was my first modern fiction romance (highly recommended to me by a good friend of mine) and I was pleasantly surprised by it! If you enjoy sweet romance with a classic storyline, you'll love this book. :)
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Well, I thought I would like this one. You know, long distance relationships. Actually, I liked how it started but as I made a progress on their love story, I began to question the lack of effort to clear what was their real score, I thought they're the only one who made this all very complicated. And to make things worse, they began to date those people whom we know they never truly love to begin with. I don't know, maybe I am not really a fan of this kind of relationship. Sorry.
I finished this book in two nights. I don't usually read contemporary romances because it's always about two people and when there is a good relationship it almost always revolves around sexual desire and that is the reason they break up as well. As a bookworm, it's nice to see a book where there are two people who base their relationship based on personality and somethings as sedimental as a postcard. Read it. Read it.
The point wasn’t the distance. It was the homecoming.
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