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Dunaway's Crossing (2012)

Dunaway's Crossing (2012)
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0985355808 (ISBN13: 9780985355807)
Lloyd and Aspinwald
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Dunaway's Crossing (2012)
Dunaway's Crossing (2012)

About book: This book takes place in between-the-World-Wars Georgia. The relationships between characters (particularly characters of different skin colors and different social classes) is well written, and characters develop well. The plot is only a little bit predictable, and the writing is mostly quite good. I didn't feel a particularly close relationship with any of these characters, and I didn't get that sad-to-be-finished feeling, but I confess I was grateful for how the ending turned out, though it was basically exactly what I wanted (there's something singularly unsatisfying about unhappy endings!). The book was worth a read and it was a nice way to spend a day. Dunaway's Crossing takes place in 1918 - in Savannah and Pineview, Georgia. World War 1 is coming to an end and the influenza has wiped out many victims in Pineview. The town becomes overwhelmed with this deadly disease. The sick are dying so fast that they're unable to produce coffins fast enough so they pass a temporary ordinance to bury the deceased in mass graves.Nancy Brandon is truly a gifted writer. She was able to capture the emotions of the intriguing characters --- you can feel their pain. loss and sorrow.I found this book to be unique and compelling with a story that unfolds into a predictable but good ending. I'm looking forward to another novel by this writer. I highly recommend!
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I really enjoyed this book, I didn't put it down. I must admit, I feel in love with Will! Quick read
294 pagesalso re-read "to kill a mocking bird" finished it on 5/5/2013 281 pages
Emotional, Compelling, Page-Turning Read! I Loved It!
Enjoyable winter read.
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