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Dust & Decay (2012)

Dust & Decay (2012)

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1442402369 (ISBN13: 9781442402362)
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About book Dust & Decay (2012)

The Green Man says: The World hasn't changed. Death has changed. There are still good people and bad people.Its true. Dust and Decay takes place 6 mos. after Gameland was burned to the ground by Tom Imura. Charlie Pink Eye (one of the very bad people) is dead but there are still evil, greedy people in the Rot & Ruin as well as in the cities. Dust and Decay is a great follow-up to the Rot and Ruin, although you could read it as stand alone and still be able to follow. It has a very sad ending though (just a warning and I won't tell more). Rot and Ruin is back! Taking the entire series back into the fast paced action and the continuing of the struggle of being able to distinguish what is human and what is not. This book was a great addition making the reality of the human interaction between siblings and others. See how much training a few months of training can change benny and nix and how they match up against the new threat to the Rot and Ruin.

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Very good book! Non-stop action from the start, which I loved! Even better than book 1.

This series started out slow, but it is worth sticking with!!! I'm buying the next one:)

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