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Dying For Christmas (2014)

Dying For Christmas (2014)
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Dying For Christmas (2014)
Dying For Christmas (2014)

About book: I was looking for something to read over the Christmas holidays, narrowed it down to five then chose this one. It was all that I expected it to be – entertaining, dark and full of suspense, with a slithering of wit for good measure.Jessica Gold, an ordinary, if slightly odd, young woman is living with her unexciting boyfriend in a flat in Wood Green. During a shopping spree on Christmas Eve, she’s lured by handsome, mesmerizing Dominic Lacey from a Cafe on Oxford Street and held captive in his flat for twelve days, during which he tortures and degrades her in an extreme and mortifying fashion. Married mother other of two DS Kim is on the missing person’s case with her team while at the same time dealing with her own family dilemma at home.Great opening paragraph, which had me hooked, nice flow that kept me engaged throughout the book and a great page turning ending. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes reading psychological thrillers. Oh, and I love the cover! Part One of Dying for Christmas is a thrilling, spine tingling thriller. In Dominic Lacey Cohen has created a truly dark and intimidating character. Her delicate narrative leaves even the bravest of women thankful that Lacey is just in a book and not in our lives. The juxtaposition of Jessica's diary and Kim's investigation brings depth to the book.WARNING! Spoilers from this part onwardsHowever, Part Two I felt lost the darkness. Lacey may have sadomasochistic tendenacies but we very quickly realise he isn't quite the dangerous man created in Jessica's account of her imprisonment. The "criminal" partnership of Natalie and Jessica is weak, yes I can understand that being abused at the hands of the same man brings a closeness but I'm unconvinced of the closeness to plot such a revenge. The final pages rush through things altogether too quickly. The character of Travis is not developed enough in the book to be credited with such an important role at the end. And the choice to take no action on Kim's part is at complete odds with the strong career driven character suspicious of Jessica all along.I feel there could have been so much more from this book
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The book started well but I was left feeling it all got just a bit too bazaar for my liking
Thoroughly enjoyed the first part but the ending was a real let-down, very disappointing
I really enjoyed this, was not what I expected, would recommend
frustrating and so disappointed by the ending
A thriller with a twist.
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