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Echte Feen, Falsche Prinzen (2010)

Echte Feen, Falsche Prinzen (2010)

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About book Echte Feen, Falsche Prinzen (2010)

I so enjoyed this smart and funny book. The way JR combined her fairy tales was brilliant in multiple ways, and she entertained with nonstop twists through Savannah's humorous story-telling and insights. I both laughed and held my breath through the many awkward scenes, but especially the dialogs between Savannah and Tristan. Tristan... I can't help loving his biting honesty and how he relates to the girl who cursed him to eight months of Middle Ages living and an impossible task to boot--yet he's so up for the task anyway. Who wouldn't love a hero of his make? Or a heroine with a voice and heart like hers? I must admit, I approached this book with a lot of trepidation. It looked like a dodgy attempt at a modern, 'cool' fairytale. However, I didn't want to let the cover and blurb be my excuse not to give it a go.I won't go into too much detail because I appreciate that it's hard enough to write a book without people writing negative reviews.It's not my sort of book, but some people may like it.To quickly summarise my overall impression: The plot and characters were full of clichés and stereotypes (which bothered me a lot) but I did quite enjoy several of the later chapters set in the mediaeval times.

Do You like book Echte Feen, Falsche Prinzen (2010)?

It was a little emotional for my tastes. But, all in all it was a great book by a fantastic author.

Fun and light read. Great filler book between heavier reads.

Entertaining... good Summer quick read.

3.5 ✰'s

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