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ЯED (2014)

ЯED (2014)

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The intricate details of the machinations behind the rebellion have me totally involved. The characters come alive and as I learn more of the past and what is at stake for the future, I find myself trying to help plot the downfall of the evil king. When not reading the book I found myself thinking about what had happened and what would happen. The brutality and violence reminds me of the middle ages in our world and the total dedication of some soldiers brings to mind the Knights Templar. Jennifer Anne Davis has created a Classic Story that will be read and reread by many through the coming years. I can't wait to read the next book!! This is the second n the action packed trilogy written by Jennifer Anne Davis about Rema (Queen Amer Rema of Emperion and Greenwood Island). These three books will keep the reader interested and they move quickly, so they will make you want to stay to see what is on the next page. The first in the series The Key can be obtained free from Barnes and Nobles Nook Book offerings. I was so interested in the book by the end, and there was not conclusion that I bought the second and third books.

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Red continued where the key left off ... Wow, wow, wow! Loved Red and can't want for book 3.

Fantastic second book in the trilogy!! Can't wait to read the final installment!!

Grumble...grumble...need to know what long until book three?

Stupid cliff hangers!

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