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Egg And Spoon (2014)

Egg and Spoon (2014)
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0763672203 (ISBN13: 9780763672201)
Candlewick Press
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Egg And Spoon (2014)
Egg And Spoon (2014)

About book: 3 1/2 stars -This was a bit different from the typical kid's fare. I liked that it was Russian and drew on the Russian folktales. I liked the characters - particularly Baba Yaga and Elena. The writing was very good - Maguire has a real literary flare that is still quite readable for kids, but makes the book more nuanced and enjoyable for adults. I took off some stars for the length - I think the story could have been told a bit quicker - and that the plot seemed to lose its focus in several places. The ending, for me was a bit bland and disappointing, but does fit in with the overall "Russianness" of the story. Russia is a harsh country. I would recommend this for people who enjoy fairy tales and spunky characters, and who don't mind taking a bit of time to get where you're going. I've not been impressed with many of Maguire's books since the splendid Wicked, and I had high hopes for this one when it started out. Set in pre-revolutionary Russia, it's a bit of a female version of Prince & the Pauper, with the ancient witch Baba Yaga thrown in as a bonus. The folkloric character is a favorite of mine but sadly his presentation of her failed to inspire or amuse, and once she entered the scene the tale became less interesting; by the last few chapters it had ultimately started to drag.
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Reimagining Russian fairytales - wickedesque
seemingly utter nonsense
Dark. Annoying narrator.
Weirdly entertaining.
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