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Eidolon (2014)

Eidolon (2014)

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Griffin wants a perfect Valentine's Day. However, he is Griffin, and his boyfriend is Whyborne, so we all know that Valentine's Day is not going to run smoothly. It made me smile, a lot, and it was fun to read something from Griffin's POV. He comes across as sweet, scared and so absolutely unsure of his charm that he's adorable--without become a cliche.I liked the plot and the adventure and, as always, it's a pleasure to sit down and read a skilled author, such as Ms. Hawk. I liked this short story that falls between Widdershins and Threshold, and it was nice to get a glimpse into Griffin's POV after only getting Whyborne's in Widdershins, but ultimately, it feels like filler. Pleasant filler! But filler nonetheless. Though I can look at it and see that Griffin & Whyborne's romantic Valentine Day is the center and the point of the story and thus appropriately bookends the case part of the story, in the reading, the story feels a little unbalanced because we get so little information about the case on all fronts and then it all gets shelved very quickly in the interests of a(n admittedly hot) love scene between our guys. So it's good, it just wasn't as satisfying as it could have been, imo. I am eager to go on with the series, though.

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Nice little interlude with the boys. Mysterious too. Will that talisman be back one day?

Short, sweet, spooky, and hot. :) Griffin's POV is just as well-done as Whyborne's.

why did i wait so long to read this series??

Loved it. Love these two.

Love This Series

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