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Eine Geheimnisvolle Lady Roman (2011)

Eine Geheimnisvolle Lady Roman (2011)
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Eine Geheimnisvolle Lady Roman (2011)
Eine Geheimnisvolle Lady Roman (2011)

About book: This was well written, which is the only reason why I finished it. I did not like the heroine at all. She whores herself for an estate. She plans to get pregnant against the hero's wishes, then hide the pregnancy from him, in effect, stealing his child. For a house. If the heroine's motivation had been something besides greed, I could have liked her. But was she being blackmailed or forced into this plan? No. Did she do this to save someone's life? No. Did she do this to protect state secrets that would have put her country in jeopardy? No. She was just greedy.I plan to read this author again, as she is talented. Even as I was thinking, WTF??? I couldn't stop reading. She drew me into the story. That's why I gave this three stars instead of one. I liked this book because it was the heroine who was the morally questionable character, not the hero. A villainous old Marquess has a plot--he is impotent, dying of cancer, and his heirs are all dead. So he arranges for his steward's beautiful daughter to seduce his rake of an illegitimate son--the payoff for her is that he (the Marquess) will marry her once she gets pregnant. Poor rakish illegitimate son, because he falls in love with this heroine and she is initially only after his sperm. I really enjoy romances where the hero and/or heroine have to deal with the consequences of their bad behavior, and I like 'em sexy and angsty. Campbell here delivers all three.
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Ehhhh.... not enough interpersonal relationship ... by the end I wasn't buying their devotion.
Not my favorite Campbell. Just couldn't get into it.
Anna's dark heroes turned good never fail to thrill.
Total disconnect with the characters for me...
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