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Eines Abends In Paris (2012)

Eines Abends in Paris (2012)

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3851791770 (ISBN13: 9783851791778)
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About book Eines Abends In Paris (2012)

I received this book from a Goodreads First Read giveaway. It was a lovely romantic comedy, that I went through in one sitting. I loved the characters and their development over time. I adore Melaine and Alain together, they're like a cute awkward couple, it's adorable.The translation is great with only a few misspelled words here and there. I actually didn't expect to like this book, because for some reason I'm not that quite fond of romance, but this one is so beautiful that I just had to like it. I received One Evening in Paris as part of a Goodreads giveaway.Cinemaphile Alain Bonnard owns the Cinéma Paradis, where he screens a carefully curated selection of movies--no frills or snacks or big-budget box office smashes--just good films. He is captivated by a mysterious young woman in a red coat who visits the Paradis every week, sits in the same seat, and smiles shyly when she greets him. For months, they conduct this sweet but awkward routine until Alain finally introduces himself to the woman he now knows simply as Melanie. Over the course of an evening, their shy smiles blossom into a burgeoning romance. Alain soon receives more good news--the Cinéma Paradis will be a shooting location for an upcoming film. However, as film crews descend on the theatre, Melanie quickly disappears from Alain's life. Alain must juggle his new responsibilities and status as he seeks the trail of the woman who has captured his heart.I wasn't sure where the book was going to go, but it wasn't what I expected (in a positive sense). It's a very sweet read, one that I could see translating well to a quirky film like Amelie or Chocolate. Alain and Melanie are, in many ways, like characters in a movie--quirky in a way that's almost otherworldly, in that it's charming but not super-realistic. Still, a very fun read that's different from your typical romance novel.

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Me ha encantado, creo que el estar ambientada en París hace que me guste todavía más

Me aburrió bastante la verdad...

bit boring, actually

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