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Eisbraut (2009)

Eisbraut (2009)

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This book has an interesting point of view for the thriller; Black has her professional background in forensic sciences. Theresa, the protagonist, is also working with the forensics, and for this whole mystery (rather than being thrilling or to have enough suspense) she seems to be the only one who does any detective work, and that turns out to be one of the weaknesses even though it still is interesting way to access the investigation.Theresa's boyfriend died 8 months ago, and since then she's been in a kind of mental coma, just working and not paying really attention to her teenaged girl or the opposite gender. When she's supposed to investigate how a young (30ish) blond ex-escort with a fresh husband and an infant died (other than being frozen to death), she starts to obsess about the case. She finds nothing, yet can't let the case go, she obsesses about the case and the baby. There are a few other cases also frozen to death, a teenaged boy fond of video games, a prostitute who used to work for the same pimp the ex-escort did. There should have been much more detective action here, and only then should Theresa have stepped in. Theresa steps in in the first place, several times bypasses her job description in what she does, and keeps obsessing about cases that she should have closed, and every 20 pages she's thinking she's not doing a good enough job. There are some interesting characters, but how they are bound together is weird. The ex-escort and her husband - I could see how that could more or less work, except I can't imagine the girl's image as being a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, just someone who's trying to fish for a rich husband. The husband doesn't really seem to have any emotions, and the infant gets way too much attention. Then there's a friend, an admirer, an ex-client of the escort, a creepy guy who has albums after albums of photos of the dead woman for the past many years. The teenager's death does not really bind to this story, and neither does the other prostitute's. The characters could have been developed a bit more.With all the forensic sciences background, this little gem reduced my rating for at least 1,5 stars: "Once the amount of oxygen in the air gets under twenty-five percent, she'd be unconscious in seconds and dead in minutes." Since oxygen gas constitutes 20.8% of the volume of air, we'd all have been dead for millions of years. Another well done who-done-it by Lisa Black. Its the story of a woman who meets her man while she is pregnanat with another man's child. He doesn't care he says, after the baby is born he marries her. 3 weeks later she is missing, 5 days later she turns up dead in a wooded area 3 miles from her home. At first it looks like a suicide, but Theresa MacLean, a forensic investigator just doesn't believe it. Jillian Perry's body show absolutely no signs of how she died. Many want to put it down as freezing to death. Many want to blame the crazy, obsessed with friend of Jillian. In the middle is Cara, Jillian's baby who stands to inherit 1.5 million from the death of her great-grand parents.

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Another home run from Lisa Black. Really enjoying this series.

not bad, but did not feel memorable

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