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El Affaire De La Institutriz (2014)

El affaire de la institutriz (2014)

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Courtney Milan

About book El Affaire De La Institutriz (2014)

OMGOMGOMG I loved this novella. I loved the biting yet flirtatious wit the two main characters threw at each other. I loved the real romance between the heroine and hero. I loved the inclusion of sexual consent. I loved the climax between the hero and the villain. I could probably go for pages and pages as to why this is probably among my favorite books, but I'll just leave it at this: Courtney Milan made a romance reader out of me, a thing I never thought possible. This was a really sweet little prequel to the Brothers Sinister series. I really loved the characters, and the writing style flowed beautifully throughout. The author did a great job at adding humour to the story, and writing it in a manner appropriate of the time period in which it is set. The character development was brilliant, especially considering the short length of the novella, and I loved seeing how Hugo had to fight against his old views on life to make him and Serena happy.5 Stars!

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Okay, so I really liked Hugo.

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