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El Anhelo Más Oscuro (2013)

El anhelo más oscuro (2013)
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Harlequín Ibérica
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El Anhelo Más Oscuro (2013)
El Anhelo Más Oscuro (2013)

About book: The Lords of the Underworld never disappoints. No matter which one of the incredible sexy warriors I read about I seem to fall in love all over again and Kane was no different. Out of all the Lords, he was my least favorite. Kane housed the demon of disaster and believe me he was a walking disaster. He was always tripping or things were always flying at his head. How aggravating is that? He is in the other books but I never really gave him much thought. In The Darkest Craving I really got to know Kane and unlike the demons the other Lords house, Kane's demon actually hates him & goes out of his way to hurt and ridicule him. My heart broke for Kane but at the same time, I loved how the tables were turned. Pitting Lord against their own demon was one hell of a showdown and who better to assist Kane with his troubles than the dandy William. Um, Um, Um......Mix William and Josephine aka Tink (Kane's new lady), who by the way is Fae and worships the Lords, and I could not stop laughing. This one was a great addition to an already awesome series. Now, I am dying to know what happens next with Torin......... What can I say...Kane surprised me. In the other books he was always left behind and his demon was causing all sorts of silly troubles. But in this book Kane was a total gentleman, a complete alpha who actually was gentle and took his time with Josephine. I actually loved this happy ending. The direction of the series shifted a bit now that Cronus is not in the picture and the hunters aren't a threat. Let's see what happens in the next book.
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Ame cada página del libro!!! Fue estupendo y espero con ansias el de Torin xD
It was all right, I've read much much worse.
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