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El Cielo Está En Cualquier Lugar (2010)

El cielo está en cualquier lugar (2010)
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8444145254 (ISBN13: 9788444145259)
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El Cielo Está En Cualquier Lugar (2010)
El Cielo Está En Cualquier Lugar (2010)

About book: This book is beautifully written. I wish I had the paperback version so I could see the aspects of it that were lost in the electronic version. The bits of poetry inserted in the book Made the book. I wasn't a big fan of the weird love triangle aspect of the book- I felt like it took away from the main idea of the book. The whole "oh I see you kissing another guy so I'm going to pretend to hate you even though I don't" was a little off putting- but I suppose it did set up for a pretty good ending. It's the poetry and the story of loss that really made me appreciate and love this book. OK, now I get it!At first I was so so confused but now i get it.Now Len and Toby make sense and Joe and Len make more sense :)You just have to read it really carefully so you don't lose anything.There are so many words in this that are worthwhile. I loved the poems.I was heartbroken by the story. Ultimately Len's heartbreak was so ultimate that it generated mine.To lose somebody you love, it's the scariest and the ugliest thing that could happen. I hate tragedy. I would love it if there was no heartbreak in the world.
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A good book, shows the parts of a grieving person....
I loved I loved it i loved it
I love the way Jandy writes.
Simply amazing.
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