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El Club Del Adulterio (2008)

El Club del Adulterio (2008)

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About book El Club Del Adulterio (2008)

The OW is hired at the H law firm after one of the partners retires. They are both attracted to each other but the H doesn’t want to cheat on his wife having seen what infidelity leads to as he is a divorce lawyer and he rebuffs the OW’s attempts to seduce him.That all changes when the London bombing happens practically in front of the law firm’s doors. Shaken the H and OW flee to her apartment located 10 min away. They are barely inside her apartment building when they smex on the stairs leading up to her apartment. They continue their affair while the H is conflicted and trying to end it and the OW keeps telling herself that she is only “borrowing” the H and no one will ever get hurt because no one will ever find out.As the affair progresses and the OW begins to fall for the H and starts to sabotage his attempts to keep the affair secret. She is hurt by the fact that he can’t spend time with her on Valentine’s Day and has to watch as he arrives at the restaurant they had made a date to meet at with his wife.The h begins to suspect that the H is having an affair and this is confirmed when she overhears the OW discussing the affair in a restaurant bathroom w/ her BFF while the h is in a stall. She is devastated but the H falls down some steps and the h is saved from having to confront either the H or the OW.When he H’s father becomes ill and is dying and the h can’t locate the H she goes to the OW’s apartment. The H and the OW have just finished smexing and are shocked when the h barges in to give the h the news. The H moves out of the family home and into the OW’s apartment when the h kicks him out.Things don’t turn out as perfect as the OW thought they would when she and the H, who is used to having his meals prepared, laundry washed, etc are forced to live together. His daughters hate the OW and make their lives hell when the H has them on weekends.Meanwhile the h has reconnected with her super hot and successful ex which makes not only the H jealous but also the OW who sees her old glamorous life drift away and be replaced by the responsibility of having to watch over children and take care of a home. The H regrets the affair and calls the h, leaving her a message asking her to forgive him and give him one more opportunity. He also tells her that he loves her and that he never loved the OW. When he turns around the OW is standing in the doorway and she tells him that she is pregnant. The H feels honor bound to stay with her and proposes.The OW is desperate and goes to plead with the h and to get her to promise her that she doesn’t want the H back and will do nothing to take him from her since she knows that she can’t hold him. The OW finds the h looking completely devastated and begins to realize all the harm that she has caused. The h has one of the best speeches I have ever read in a cheating book and makes the OW fell like cr*p for what she did and how it affected not only the h but also her three daughters and their families.The OW waits for the H at her apartment and tells him that she is leaving the firm and that she isn’t pregnant after all. The h and H finally talk when the h goes to his office and she tells him that that he has to be aware that she had smexed the OM and that it had been more than once but that she was will to give him another chance so they could try to fix their marriage. It’s very rare in cheating books that the h and OW have a confrontation where the h comes out on top. I was very glad that they did in this one and that the h verbally annihilated the OW IMHO. I also liked that the OW didn’t get off without at least some repercussions. By the end of the book every one hated her and lost total respect for her, from the people at her office to the H, and even her own mother refused to make allowances for her behavior. Because the book gave the POV of all three we saw what all three people were going through but it was really strange to get one POV and then have to go back and see the exact same events through the other two POV. I’m still trying to figure out if I liked this book or not but right now I’m leaning more towards like ;) Hope this helps you decide on whether to read it or not. I read cheating romance cause i am interested to see how the characters learn from their mistakes and how they change for good but this story is how people make mockery of their marriage vows instead of being mature and adult they act worse then teenagers,Nick knows what he is doing is wrong and is also ashamed but still he keeps on carrying the affair,Sara keeps lying and Mai instead of confronting chooses to be in denial and embarks on her affair with TraceNick and Mai are married have 3 daughters,Nick is a divorce lawyer and Mai is a chef they are happy and in love but then comes Sara who is attracted to Nick and Nick is lusted towards her,Sara keeps throwing herself at Nick and finally he gives into temptation and starts an affair,Mai has gotten many evidences Lipstick and ear rings but the excuses and lies that Nick tells she believes him On a dinner party she comes to know about the affair but she does'nt confronts him,then one day Nick's father is really sick she drives to Sara's house and tells him about his father does'nt shows any reaction just goes,Nick is shocked then starts trouble in Nick-Sara's paradise they keep fighting the only thing that is holding them still is sex but soon that also starts to fade as Nick realises he loves Mai and what he felt for Sara was passion,Passion fades and Love last forever he calls n tells Mai he committed a huge mistake he wants to be back he is missing her and loves her he just wants a chance (all this while he is in Sara's house )Sara listens everything and tells a lie that is she is pregnant and Nick proposes marriage she accepts then starts divorce proceedings and Sara is happy she got Nick but her parents condemn her,her mother totally is angry with her and refuses to even have anything to do with Nick,her mother says what kind of a man he is ,a man who leaves his wife and children for a floozy who lifts her skirt is really weak shallow and selfish which really angers Sara she leaves then she has a talk with her father and she starts questioning her relation with NickSara goes to Mai to tell her she has Trace so to leave Nick but Mai gives it back to her and Sara realises what has she done and tells Nick she is not pregnant and Nick leaves and then Mai gets the divorce papers she is angry but realises she really loves Nick,breaks it off with Trace and goes back to Nick and they have HEAall i got from this story was Nick makes a mistake but instead of trying to correct that mistake he kept on making more mistakes which destroyed his wife children and Sara,Nick makes a grave mistake by giving in his lust,the reason of his having sex with Sara is just pathetic,when a person is scared and is about to die he first thinks of his children and wife and all loves one but here this idiot thought of his lust,then embarks on affair when he is caught he moves in with Sara and when he realises he loves Mai and what he felt for Sara was lust but still goes ahead and proposes to her Miss Sara what to say such a Lying Manipulative Horrible B**** throwing herself on a married man she knows he is not free to love but her thought my love will be enough for us(how i wanted to slap her)she does'nt wants to be a mistress but her actions are all that of a mistress and how she wants to be Nick's wife and her lies dear god but at the end she was the one who lost everything, her so called love Nick,her pride,dignity,respect and her parents trust and respectMai what do i say i was so so angry at her how can she go back to that man,yes she was the greater fool all evidences were in front of her but she was busy fighting her guilt cause Trace was back and she was having thoughts about him and wanted to go to bed with him-well lady you were thinking your hubby was doing it and then going ahead and sleeping with Trace and then breaking off and going back to NickEach characters were weak and selfish,each one used the other for their own selfish reasons and instead of learning from their mistakes they all went on making a bigger mistake leading to pain hurt anger,destroying so many life's and family and marriageIgnore it

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Well there is nothing better to do on a snowy day than indulge in a bit of freaming!

Fun...but sad in a way that affairs always are. good easy read.

This was such an easy read and a fun story line to follow!

Captivating story told from three points of view.

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