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El Laberinto De Los Huesos (2011)

El Laberinto de los Huesos (2011)

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About book El Laberinto De Los Huesos (2011)

A young adult adventure novel about the courage to take risks, doing the right thing, trust, and loyalty. The story is exciting and suspenseful; each chapter has a first line that makes you want to read more and a cliffhanger ending. Part “National Treasure” and part “Indiana Jones,” there is danger, suspense, and mystery. The story alternates between Amy’s and Dan’s perspectives, with some glimpses from other characters. Amy and Dan seem like regular people, unworldly, naïve, but earnest and honest. They balance each others strengths – Amy is an introvert, shy and intellectual; Dan is action-oriented, curious, and good at math. Everyone else has access to more resources, money, and support, but Amy and Dan continue on the quest using only their wits and the dubious help of their au pair Nellie. The maze of bones in an interesting book because it's full of mystery. The writing is a little difficult because when it comes to give out the clues its written in codes and in word puzzles and also it's in foreign language. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes reading mystery books because it keeps you in suspense and it makes you want to read more. The clues in this book are tricky and make you wonder what's going to happen on the next page. The characters in this story are like detectives looking for clues.I would continue to read this series because I want to know if they find out what the thirty nine clues are. Here's an example, Dan's backpack got caught on the train's rail and the train was coming, what do you think happened next?

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Quick read. Entertaining... definitely going to have to finish this series.

Interesting book and a very fascinating adventure,with lots of new facts.

This is an easy quick read kinda fun but it's not that good in my opinion

This seems like a fun series. Would like to know what happens next.


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