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El Mar Infinito (2014)

El mar infinito (2014)

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Great continuation of the story. It drags some in the 2nd quarter, but makes up for it with a wham-bam finale that blew my socks off. Only criticism is that if there are a boy and a girl in the same room together for more than a minute, Yancey feels the need to pair them up. It IS possible for girls and boys to interact without pairing off, Rick. Also it would have been refreshing to maybe have more same-sex friendships (or enemies) going on instead.Ringer is great though, I'm glad she became a POV. After reading the 5th wave I was all in for this entire series/ trilogy but the infinite sea was a complete let down. The first let down: The book is only 300 pages when i noticed I had a hint that I would be disappointed with the first book being 500 pages. Second Let Down : The interesting story lines were scarce while the story lines I didn't really care for were long and dragged out

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A little confusing. It did not flow from the previous book.

Ringer!!!!! The main pairing is still kind of boring, tbh.

Necesito este libro YA


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