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El Mundo De Los Juegos Del Hambre (2012)

El mundo de los Juegos del Hambre (2012)

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About book El Mundo De Los Juegos Del Hambre (2012)

Last year when I went to Ireland, I walked into an Irish bookshop, and all of the Hunger Games movie companions were displayed at the front table. How could I not buy this guy?? The World of the Hunger Games is definitely a book for anyone who is HG crazy. Was it worth the 10€ I paid for it, hmmm maybe not? Really it is just the story of the Hunger Games told in pictures from the movie. I didn't really learn anything new and the stills I did see that we're relatively new were just from different angles. While as the super duper duper HG fan that I am, well was, it didn't seem like a waste to but this companion. But looking back on it, I could have gotten a perfectly good Irish book or a British copy of Divergent which was sitting on a bookshelf a few feet away. So for all of you HG fans out there who loved the movie, go and buy this book, you'll enjoy it! But for those of you who weren't huge fans of the movie, you might wanna pass on this one. Rating: 3.5 stars - This is a companion book for the movie.- I already knew most of it, but it did have some fun new facts from the author in it. I really like where the name Panem came from! It is so fitting!- The book is filled with great pictures from the movie. I got to look at the different scenes and moments for longer than a split second. - Sometimes Peeta looks hot and other times he is eh.- This made me REALLY excited for the Catching Fire movie!! SQUEE!!- This also brought back memories of the first time I met some of my favorite blogger people! - I think this is a worthwhile read for Hunger Game fans.

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most of the contents are about the movie while I expecting for any explanation about THG

It was interesting to learn about the film and look at the set and things like that.


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