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Elizabeth I Red Rose Of The House Of Tudor (2001)

Elizabeth I Red Rose of the House of Tudor (2001)

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About book Elizabeth I Red Rose Of The House Of Tudor (2001)

This book was informative on how life was for an invisible princess in England . it was nice how much detail there was in this . this was a good book for example it tells a lot of history about about how they lived in there times of the year of 1544-1547.i liked it because Elizabeth 1 acts a lot like me . She was very nice to everyone even though she was invisible she learned to shine . What I love about this book is that it gives me a deeper glimpse into what it must have been like as a child, scratch that, as a princess who has had to suffer tragedy at an early age but still come out on top anyway. I enjoyed learning a little bit more about one of my favorite topics in History (the Tudors) and learning a little bit more about the regal Virgin Queen of the Golden Age of England.

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My very first Royal Diary read. I loved this one, and I think it set me on my Tudor craze path.

I've always found the Tutors interesting. They're like the Medieval Kardashions and Kennedy's.

I blame this book for my fascination with the English monarchy... :D


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