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Eloge De L'amour (2009)

Eloge De L'amour (2009)

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About book Eloge De L'amour (2009)

Alain Badiou proves himself to be a hopeful romantic in this short conversation. I can't help but wonder if this a natural result of trying to find meaning in life through atheist lenses, aided of course by Badiou's affinity towards the arts. In this book Nicolas Truong intelligently draws Badiou's thoughts on love through an interview-like sequence. The concepts expressed are both though-provoking and entertaining. I like the part where Badiou likens the two worlds of romance and political struggle to that of two rhythms that can eventually become in-sync; a popular theme in theater. I also enjoy the idea of love being the focus away from individual identity, which sets the environment to discuss the effort that must be put into guiding a relationship towards the lovely eternity it can become. Strangely enough, I was introduced to Badiou by the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek. Zizek mentions Badiou's influence on him regularly, but I seriously doubt he is capable of being this tender. Though I am admittedly obsessed with love and its meaning in life, I found this book particularly fascinating for its connection between love and politics. There are often moments of pure poetry in Badiou's speech, which is not to be unexpected. His passionate observations and analyses of love makes your heart bloom with the possibilities out there in the world, makes your mind want to wrestle with the higher meaning of life.

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Short insightful on what is perhap Alan Badiou's most contested truth-procedure.

Brief and to the point. Enjoyable read

very short, but some nice ideas

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