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Emerge (2013)

Emerge (2013)

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So I don't get it. Usually I like young adult and I have liked other Hall books but I cannot really get into these characters. I am about half way done and this will be the second book ever that I am leaving without finishing. The story is ok but the writing style feels kinda trite, simplistic and I just don't feel much for these characters. Sadly, I don't even want to skim to the end. Huh. Rare for me and since this has sooooo many 4'and 5 star ratings I am perplexed at my inability to like this book. Sadly I don't even have to go further, read spoilers or anything else to know where this is going. Doesn't really feel like much of a triangle that it's supposed to be. I don't want to give spoilers but the author gave away too much to early so I figured it out. Maybe I will change my mind but I have already read over 700 books before this and only one other DNF, and I usually torture myself and force myself to finish books and I stopped to write this, so it's unlikely I will push forward. Book was well written, but not my cup of tea. I hate the whole love triangle thing and in the end I skipped and skimmed to get to the end. I loved Evan and I felt so bad for him that I just couldn't warm up to Dane at all. Maybe if eEvan had turned out to be an asshole, but he was nothing but sweet and amazing.And as for Laney urgh. I can't stand her, what a tease leading two guys on. She was so whiny and indecisive. But whatever, I'm probably just a minority by looking at these other ratings so you guys decide.

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3.5 Not the love triangle I was expecting. Loved all the characters in this book.

Its sad that Evan got his heart broken but I was rooting for that ending.

How many times can a book break your heart? Seriously!!!

3.5-4 stars


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