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Emily's Runaway Imagination (2008)

Emily's Runaway Imagination (2008)
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0380709236 (ISBN13: 9780380709236)
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Emily's Runaway Imagination (2008)
Emily's Runaway Imagination (2008)

About book: This was a very simple, easy, and quick read. I first read this book many years ago when I was quite a bit younger. I remember enjoying it a lot then, and for some reason the part about the “generous pinch of baking powder” always stuck with me. So much so that the other day I added some baking powder to my pie crust…and then decided to reread this book. The reading level is quite low (I would guess it is geared for 5-11 year olds), but it was still a charming little story of a series of little adventures experienced by an imaginative girl growing up in a small Oregon town just after World War I. I especially loved the characterization of Emily’s parents, and the part of the story dealing with Fong Quock. This book left me with a smile on my face. I would recommend it to any early elementary child, or as a read-aloud for younger children.

I loved this book so much, I have no idea why I was so resistant to reading it. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to Ramona as well, I suspect because the first Cleary I ever read was one of those dreadful teenage romance things, and I read it at my most cynical, disaffected and obnoxious. So my default response to Cleary is "Oh, I hate her" but in reality, I mostly love all the books she wrote. Except the teenage romances. I think.Anyway, Emily! Oh, how I loved Emily. She's hilarious and delightful and awkward and so very real. Everyone should read this book. Even people who think they hate Beverly Cleary. Especially people who think they hate Beverly Cleary.
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Emily Bartlett is a little girl growing up in the 1920's in a small town out west. She has a healthy, vivid imagination and a happy home life with her parents on their farm. Her grandparent's own the general store, so Emily is the only girl in the town allowed to go behind the counter. Emily's cousin Muriel lives in Portland, Oregon, so when she tells Emily about the wonderful books she gets from the library, Emily wishes her town would get it's own library someday. Mama has what it takes to make that happen. Full of humorous episodes, including when Emily accidentally gets all the hogs drunk, this book is sweet and entertaining. A nice look at life in another time.
I started reading this to my daughter but finished reading it on my own because I couldn't wait. It is a story of Emily who lives in a rural Oregon town and yearns for a library. She also has many small-town adventures during the year that are perfect in their lack of drama for anyone but Emily. A person's imagination can make life interesting, and Emily's certainly does that.It is not my favorite Beverly Cleary book, but a sweet collection of stories to read when drama reads have sapped all your emotional energy and you need your faith and joy for humanity restored; Ms. Cleary is excellent with this.
It's hard to say how a child would perceive this book, but as an adult reading it for the first time, I loved it. Beverly Cleary captures the inner life of a child so perfectly: more than anything else, Emily just wants the adults in her life to take her seriously. I totally remember that feeling, and not understanding why grown-ups always felt the need to chuckle at things I said. Cleary also expertly depicts how children see adults--they catch all the meaningful looks we exchange over their heads. Reading this book reminded me how it feels to be a child.
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