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Emma On Thin Icing (2011)

Emma on Thin Icing (2011)

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This book had me choked up. Emma's family is going through rough times financially, and the kids have to help keep family life running. On top of that Emma has to buy an expensive bridesmaids dress. She tries to keep her problems from worrying her parents and tries to do everything herself - even her friends are becoming more and more distant. But there is of course a happy ending.I wish they had included the recipe for the bacon cupcakes. Now I'll have to try and recreate them myself. Very realistic! I could feel all the stress and pressure building. I would have quit but Emma kept going, trying to make it work. Brothers are awesome! I know everybody who has one (I have an older sister instead) thinks they're uber pains, I think I could handle it. Must be fun to have an older brother to look after you, but then that's all based on that guys are less emotional, or annoying then older sisters, so, I think I'll stick with my sister:)

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