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Empire And Honor (2012)

Empire and Honor (2012)

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0399160663 (ISBN13: 9780399160660)
Putnam Adult

About book Empire And Honor (2012)

I read the audio book, in no small part because Scott Brick is the reader here. Like the really great readers, he can use his voice to clearly portray the characters distinctly. And in this case there are lots of characters, most of them with German or Spanish accents. I did not know that this book is one of a series (learned that from the other reviewers) but is was a good read, alone. The story, with lots of period "color" was good, if incredible. Too many coincidences, too many pieces just fell conveniently into place. But it was a fun book. I am a huge fan of the "Men at War" series and a friend of mine thought this would be a good one to read along those lines. I was very disappointed, although a good story in and of itself, I found this book to be particularly difficult to follow. It was especially difficult to keep track of who what talking to whom and where they were know from, I found myself going back in the book more times just to refresh on who a particular person was which is not something that I am used to doing with most of his other books.

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W.E.B Griffins latest. Just a continuation of the story. You should read this series from the start!

I have yet to read a W.E.B. Griffin book that I didn't like. They're all outstanding!!

really enjoy this series. Great cast of characters. Love the Cletus character.

Good continuation of the series.

A little too long.

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