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En Man Som Heter Ove (2012)

En man som heter Ove (2012)

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About book En Man Som Heter Ove (2012)

I just don't know how to share this book. It is uneven and at times difficult to follow. Ove is a fuss budget who lives in Sweden. His wife, whom he adored, has recently died. He visits her grave and mourns her. Ove is a curmudgeon who likes very few, if any, people and he dislikes virtually everything about current technology. He follows an exact pattern in his life and when his new neighbor introduces himself by backing over Ove's mailbox, the book takes off and we meet several of Ove's neighbors whom he feuds with as he does almost everyone else, especially government workers and salesman and oh yes, he is planning his own suicide but keeps getting interupted.This book is not easy to read but it has it's moments and that is the best I can say about it.Frank I highly recommend this book if you want an easy, fun, witty book to read. “A Man Called Ove” is an international best seller because it’s a heart-warming book that is a “feel good” story. Who can’t use a feel-good story?In this novel, Ove, the curmudgeon old man (although I don’t personally consider 59 to be an old man), wants a well-ordered existence, and he doesn’t tolerate foolish behavior, or illogical behavior. Oh, and he’s a mutterer. He’s one of those people that mutter sarcastic comments under his breath when he is at the end of his (very short) tether. Backman writes Ove so the reader sees his logic, sees the world through Ove’s cranky eyes. And the world is funny when written cleverly as Backman does. Ove gets new neighbors, and his life is impacted, against his will. In fact, he turns kindhearted, against his will. We do enjoy crabby old men….when they are written in literature or on film…not when they are our neighbors. Backman writes a fabulous crusty old man. It’s a great book.

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Kept imagining Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino - similar story. Predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.

Look at reviews. Has a high rating and looks like a heartwarming story.

Very charming book and fun, easy read.

A great read!

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