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Encontrando Spencer (2014)

Encontrando Spencer (2014)

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About book Encontrando Spencer (2014)

5 starsWas asked to review this book and was all over this story when I found out it was from the guy's POV. I absolutely love these especially when in the girl version they are all sweet and in reality when being all sweet all they have is dirty thoughts. Kimberly had it all right with the guy's POV. It was brilliant and gave you the male insight that was missing from Where I Need To Be.You do need to read Where I Need to Be first to understand the full story as a lot of details and story are left out but this is still an amazing book and beautifully written from a guy's POV. It's good to see a different side to Brandon and see how he was thinking during the important scenes from book 1. Gives you another perspective told in his POV. Kimberly fills in some gaps and also adds new elements to the story explaining a bit more about why Brandon was the way he was.Great addition to the B&S Serie. Totally recommend this book to everyone. If you haven't picked out WINTB yet make sure you do!Overall really enjoyed reading Finding Spencer even more so than reading WINTB. Brilliant book to anyone who's a sucker for male POV. Yes, this is a novella but jam packed with Brandon’s point of view and it was HOT!!! I sometimes skip novellas in series but I was anxious to hear more from Brandon. This should be read after Where I Need to Be as it doesn’t give the whole story, it just hits on the highlights and you would be missing out.The novella focuses on the initial encounter with Spencer and their budding romance. All it took was one look at Spencer to see him thrown for an emotional loop. Causing feelings aside from the one’s he’s experienced with Christy, Brandon knows he will do anything he can to have Spencer in his life.We get some more of Jason and Becca too. The banter between these 3 regarding “Crazy” Christy and he’s pursuit of Spencer was sometimes comical, but you couldn’t ask for better friends.If you fell in love with Brandon in Where I Need to Be you will be in for a treat. Kimberly will turn you into a gushing puddle of “OH MY” and have you falling at Brandon’s feet. I particularly enjoyed his “thank you” to Spencer’s ex, Travis. So if the series is new to you go grab Where I Need to Be and start the B & S Series. Then jump right into Finding Spencer. A series not to be missed, and with more novellas on the way, stay tuned.

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I think I love Brandon more now than I ever did before!! I love his POV. You get so much more.

Lovely to hear Brandon's side of things cant wait for the next books.

I loved reading Brandon's POV! Great job portraying his feelings!

LOVED the story from Brandon 's POV

3.5 Stars

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