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Encore Valentine (2010)

Encore Valentine (2010)
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1847379966 (ISBN13: 9781847379962)
Simon & Schuster UK
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Encore Valentine (2010)
Encore Valentine (2010)

About book: I read this book twice. The first time in 2012 and the second time in 2013. It's a very nice book and it gives off this cosy feeling. I really enjoyed reading it. However, I didn't like the ending of the book. It was all going so well but why did Valentine have to kiss that her friend? And it was quite bizarre that Gianluca forgave her instantly. Well, that's what I remember happening. All in all it was a good book. xx One way of looking at this book would be to call it a classic "coming of age" story. Perhaps it is irrelevant that the individual growing up is 35 years of age, she finally achieves a level of maturity and direction.I enjoyed this book, but it definitely needs to be accepted for what it is, not what it could be. It is a mass-market, uberChick-lit fairy tale, but that doesn't prohibit it from being an enjoyable read and a great opportunity for a cathartic cry (or two, or three). The title could be improved upon from my perspective; it is hard to say BRAVA! Valentine when the protagonist struggles for more than 300 pages before she finds a modest degree of wisdom or maturity. But, I rooted for her success nonetheless and was thrilled with the "happily ever after" ending that Ms. Trigiani wrote for her.
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Book 2/3. Looking forward to starting the final book of the trilogy.
PBB If I could I would have given it three and a half stars.
Added 3/28/14. Recommended by Nina of my GR group.
Loved this book, funny, crazy & witty
Fairly obnoxious.
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