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End Of The Innocence [Library Edition] (2012)

End of the Innocence [Library Edition] (2012)

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1623809142 (ISBN13: 9781623809140)
Harmony Ink Press

About book End Of The Innocence [Library Edition] (2012)

Heartbreaking..but I had difficulties believing some parts. Like portrayals of the parents. They're all giving me minute they're abusive - then they turn out to be supportive and quite fabulous.. Kelly's parents didn't seem so bad, and I didn't really think he was suicidal..he seemed okay. But, well, teenage hormones and their over-the-top dramas... Being a teenager sucks, and that's the gist of this series. This really broke my heart. I, myself am a gay teen but still in the closet so I really feel sorry for what happened to Kelly and started crying realizing that it happens a lot to other kids like me. My favorite part is what happened at Gayle's before the party, now I couldn't even listen to the song I'll Be without imagining that scene. I really loved it. This book is great, the author really knows how to make the characters alive. I love Kyle and Brad so much. This series is one of the best.

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The ending just took my breath away. Poor Kelly :(A must read.

So, so good. Thank you John Goode.

I love you author...

3.5 stars

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