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Enders (2014)

Enders (2014)

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0385742495 (ISBN13: 9780385742498)
Delacorte Press

About book Enders (2014)

This book was very slow at some points and too fast at others. It seems like there should be more balance. I read this one because I got through the first and wanted to find out how it ended, but I was not impressed. It's an interesting concept but I think the over all character development could have been better along with story progression. There were some amazing plot twists that I didn't see coming, but those do not make up for where Enders falls short. It was also not edited the best. There was a huge error at the climax of the book and that really took away from the overall satisfaction. The ending seemed a bit rushed and too perfect in way. These books were not for me and I would not recommend them. When I get to read a good book, I get to finish it half of the day. But Enders, took me almost a week to finish its hilarious plot, crap character development, and undecided ending. I have to admit that I like the first book 'Starters' , however, Enders didn't satisfy me in every way. It bore me and I keep on putting this book down.I hate the development of Callie's character. She's too selfish and arrogant. Its all about her, her saving her father, her getting rid of the chip, her being with Tyler and her being free. Ugh. Michael seems to be out of sight in the story. He is not too visible since Hyden is there. Hyden is quite good but cold.The idea of the author is quite scattered. She can edit it and develop it.

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I liked this one better than the first one.

Just as great as the first book (:

review up soon


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