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Ender's Game, Volume 2: Command School (2010)

Ender's Game, Volume 2: Command School (2010)

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0785135820 (ISBN13: 9780785135821)

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Esta segunda y última entrega supera a la primera, como era de esperar. Pero no sólo en lo previsible, pues esta claro que gran parte de lo mejor del argumento se condensa en esta parte de la historia (el giro final, la mítica escena de las duchas con Bonzo Madrid o la aparición del carismático Bean, que no por nada tiene una debilidad por la serie-secuela de 'Marionetas...'), sino también desde el punto de vista del dibujo y la propia adaptación de la trama, que en este caso me ha parecido mucho más definida, incluyendo la claridad en la presentación de personajes. I wish that I could give this graphic novel a 3.5 rating - it was much better than the first instalment, but not quite good enough to get 4 stars. This novel is still a great addition to have in your library/classroom, but once again will be disappointing to students who love the original. The progression of battles in battle school is very well done, although I feel that the final progression of battles in command school - as well as the Ender's personal destruction, anguish, and loneliness - is quite lacking. I also love some of the images in this version - primarily the portrayal of Mazer - and the lovely images of Ender and Valentine on the lake - Valentine is every bit as beautiful as Ender remembers her to be, and the light that radiates from her is an amazing contrast to Ender's darkness. I also love the page that shows Ender's reunion with all his old 'friends' via the headset for the first time.... brought tears to my eyes the way it did in the original novel.... as well as the anguish on Ender's face when he passes his new 'enemy' Alai in the corridor.The general story had more cohesiveness than the first instalment, but was still - by far - lacking from the original. Still, worth the read!

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Pretty awesome graphic novel of one of my favorite Sci Fi stories.

See my review of "Ender's Game, Vol 1: Battle School"

s'alright. not that good. art too cute by far.

Read as individual issues.

WTF ending?

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