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Então, Conheci Minha Irmã: A Morte As Separou, Um Diário As Uniu (2014)

Então, conheci minha irmã: a morte as separou, um diário as uniu (2014)

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About book Então, Conheci Minha Irmã: A Morte As Separou, Um Diário As Uniu (2014)

Ever since birth, Summer has lived in somewhat if a shrine of her older sister. Her sister, Shannon, died in a car crash before her senior year. Summer is constantly so pared to Shannon, and frustrated because her sister seems perfect, and she's not even close. When her aunt gives her Shannon's journal she had kept before she died, everything is turned upside down. Summer realizes no one, not even her sister, is perfect. Her sister was what everyone wanted her to be, and it destroyed her. Summer finds herself and realizes she can be whoever she wants.I would recommend this book to anyone who is a girl, pretty much. It's not a sloppy love story; anyone who is trying to find he self in high school or having trouble with grades should read it. It's about being your own person and not comparing yourself. So, I've just finished the book. I did (as I expected) cry, especially towards the end. Like most books, this has given me more about life to think on. The truth is, you never know when you'll die. Thus best to make the best out of every moment. Also, everyone has a reason for why they behave the way they do. I felt true respect for Shannon and Summer's mom. I loved how Christine Hurley Deriso used Summer's POV to narrate the story. I love getting more information about what the characters are feeling, thinking. Summer's not perfect, but honestly who is? Even Gibs has his own problems. It's just a way of how we deal with it, I guess. I was surprised at Shannon's choice. But that was how she wanted to deal with it. I think if the same thing happened to me, I wonder what I would eventually choose. I leave with a quote from the book, that is going to become my advice to myself. "But don't live in the past. For your own sake. Okay?"

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It's so touching. :( I even cried last night when I read it.

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Really sweet book :)

great intense

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