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Entwined With You (2013)

Entwined with You (2013)
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0425263924 (ISBN13: 9780425263921)
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Entwined With You (2013)
Entwined With You (2013)

About book: Good. The end seemed abrupt and not quite as climatic as the second book, but since the next is already out and paid for I can't exactly complain. I like the story so far and I like the cast of characters despite small frustrations. I prefer less sex in a story, as most attempts just gross me out at some point (or bore me with the same progression or just TMI) but it's almost it's own character in this series. It's their language when all other methods fail. (Not something I think is a healthy idea to romanticize, but at least it isn't mommy porn version of BDSM.) Wow....I Didn't expect for the rush of events that just came about in this book.Eva and Gideon after all finally find a way to make things work.Gideon truly loves Her whole heartedly even enough to possible do unspeakable things to protect her.From murder to Faking a fake relationship to cover his ass.Cary Finally has something to possible turn his life around for the better.Now he just has has to find a way to deal with the coming choices he must make.Hopefully these charactor's will all the find the pieces to put there lives in order. Many good things shall come. This can not nearly be the end.Stay turned for the next book....As they are a MUST READ.
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It had be truly "entiwned" in the plot. I can't get enough of these books!! Gideon had me at hello.
Very predictable. But the ending did intrigue me to buy the next book..
ghie was good... I can't wait for the next Grossfire book :)
cant wait 4 the next book
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