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Epepe (Karinthy Ferenc Muvei) (2000)

Epepe (Karinthy Ferenc Muvei) (2000)

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About book Epepe (Karinthy Ferenc Muvei) (2000)

Sorry to be boring, but I prefer stories to have a beginning, middle and an end, even if not necessarily in that order. This started well, but progressed into an apparently never-ending middle that just stopped suddenly, on an uncharacteristically upbeat note.The seemingly never-ending middle consisted of a series of disjointed, occasionally hallucinatory episodes, which I suppose mirrored the protagonist's increasingly baffled state of mind, but the point that it was all a Kafkaesque nightmare was a little too laboured. From the opening pages this book promised something remarkable, and it didn't disappoint. As an avid traveler myself, the thought or arriving in a new place and being completely stranded would be a nightmare and this books takes that premise to the extreme. It is full of tension and as the frustration of the main character builds, so does the reader's. It certainly should be on a list of 'must read' books. The author conveys the horror, hell and terror of an innocent man's journey brilliantly. Couldn't put it down.

Do You like book Epepe (Karinthy Ferenc Muvei) (2000)?

One of the scariest books and definitely one of the most haunting & memorable books I've ever read.

Like being trapped in someone's sweaty awful nightmare. Someone Hungarian or something.

How did it take 38 years for this to get translated?!

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