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Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity, And The Things We've Made Up (2010)

Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We've Made Up (2010)

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0781407257 (ISBN13: 9780781407250)
David C. Cook

About book Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity, And The Things We've Made Up (2010)

I like how his whole premise is that you shouldn't just believe what your culture tells you is true or what you want to be true, instead you should study the Bible and see what it says. I like how he's completely unaware that the only reason he trusts the Bible is because it's part of his culture and he wants to believe it's true.I also like how he goes back and forth between taking things literally and taking them as metaphors pretty much on a whim and each time it proves his point. And somehow each of these situations is also an example of how some other author that he's countering is wrong.I also like how this was not really a book, but some kind of long book review of some other book and was more in the style of a self indulgent blog post than any kind of researched or scholarly work.In his style, I will point out that I've used the word "like" 4 times, all for things that are clearly not likable, therefore for the rest of my life I only am allowed to use the word "like" to be a condescending expression of amused disdain. Humbling read about the reality of Hell and what the scriptures say about it. I love how Chan points out that Paul wrote more in all of his 13 books about "fate of the wicked" than he did about forgiveness, mercy and heaven combined! This is a sobering fact that as much as is written about the love of God and the "plans he has for you", we need to take the matter of our after-earth life seriously. Just because you've been saved doesn't necessarily mean you're going to heaven. God ultimately decides.

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A good antidote to Rob Bell's, Love Wins. Would have been nice to have both books compiled together.

Good book in response to the Universalism Movement. Easy to read, and lots of biblical support.

Amazing. Scripturally solid. Requires action.

Good book - lots of information.

very thought provoking

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