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Erica's Choice (2012)

Erica's Choice (2012)

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1609289641 (ISBN13: 9781609289645)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

About book Erica's Choice (2012)

This was a heart wrenching wonderfully sweet ménage romance that I could not put down. Erica, Griff and Corey were made for each other. They all had strengths and weaknesses that balanced out their relationship. In the beginning of the story the only one willing to admit they had a relationship was Corey. Erica wanting to forget her possible cancer scare thinks a one night stand with two men she's had her eye on will help her forget. Corey has been eyeing Erica for months but thinks he's not good enough because she's a teacher who reads large books and he barely made it through high school. Griff has jumped from one women to the next since his last relationship that ended badly because he thinks he's not meant to be loved. When Erica is in the pub one night alone Griff tells Corey to go for it but he won't so Griff threatens to pick her up himself. Erica wants only sex, Griff wants only sex and for Erica and Corey to become a couple and Corey wants a relationship with Erica. Once they have their night together things start to change and it's a up hill battle from there. The sex is so flaming hot I suggest you have a fan or boyfriend handy. I loved this. One of the best MMF menage stories I've read. The characters felt so real and raw and well developed. As much as I enjoy a little MM action, in many of the MMF stories I have read before, I always felt more of a connection between the the two males, but in Erica's choice, the connection was equally strong between all three of them and in fact, it seemed as if she was actually the center of Corey and Griff's world.Well done. I highly recommend.

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4.5 Really liked the emotion in this book. Review to come.

4.75 - good mix of characters, re-readable

All I can say is WOW!!!

- review coming soon -

Phew! Hot!

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