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Es Un Libro! (2010)

Es un libro! (2010)

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About book Es Un Libro! (2010)

This book was about a jackass who was trying to figure out what a book was and could not stop bothering the gorilla who was trying to read the book. The jackass kept referring to the book in a way that was more technological. The gorilla had to try to explain what the book actually was so he gave the jackass the book to read. Essentially, the jackass read the book and fell in love; when the gorilla asked for the book back, he would not give it to him. I think this is a great message to have in a children's book because it shows that children still have to read instead of spending all their time hooked up to the technological world. Children see adults using technology all the time and I think that this book is a good way for children to learn that reading is still crucial in the developmental process. I thought this book was very cute. It shows how to motivate people to read by using fun characters to excite children to read. We read this book in our children's literature class and it was a great start to our first day. It reminded me of when I was little and when we would go to the school library for story time with the librarian. She would always have some crazy story to tell us and then we would go check out books. With her excitement with her stories it made us all want to read books because it seemed fun!

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A great book to read aloud to teenagers. They especially seem to enjoy hearing you say "jackass".

Love it! Cute, witty, and a little sarcastic. That's right up my alley. :)

Actual genius right there. Love the monkeys face at all times.

Might just be my new favorite book to read to the girls

This was such a cute little book!!

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