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Escorted (2012)

Escorted (2012)

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1481909282 (ISBN13: 9781481909280)

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Escorted was 4.5 stars for me. The synopsis drew me in because she was a virgin and hired an escort to lose her virginity. Right there I was curious how that would work. This was told in third person which surprised me but really worked due to all of the dialogue. Ander was a unique character and I enjoyed seeing the different sides of him throughout the book and his growth too. Lori was a complicated character who seemed to grow herself in her self image. Ander and her taught each other a lot throughout the story. I never knew much about how a male escort service worked so this was an eye opening book and really drew me in. It definitely had a lot of hot sex scenes. I look forward to reading more books by this author. Soo- I had a a hard time rating this book. I liked the synopsis- it grabbed me quick. Then it was a long, SLOW, journey. It kept me wanting to read more, but it was pretty anti-climatic.I also didn't get how they could go from being "lovers" just to friends. There was a lot of jumping around timeline wise and it just seemed rushed and "brushed over."It was a unique overall plot- but it just didn't feel deep or genuine to me.

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uhuk2 dari awal sampe akhir #dtendangkaga sempet bikin review ah.. mau pulang muahahahaha :P

Like pretty woman. Except Julia Roberts is bald. And a man. Awesome stuff.;)

Great, enjoyed the story!

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