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Eternal Kiss, The: 13 Vampire Tales Of Blood And Desire (2010)

Eternal Kiss, The: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire (2010)

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About book Eternal Kiss, The: 13 Vampire Tales Of Blood And Desire (2010)

This one was hit and miss. I loved Sarah Rees Brennan, Libba Bray and Holly Black's stories but am struggling to remember many of the others. But the book is worth buying just for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, the *fantastic* short story that kicked off the ideas for Black's novel of the same name. I actually don't think the novel is as good as this story, but that's a whole different review. The short story is everything a vampire story should be; I do prefer vampire fiction where the vampires are actually scary and horrific. Interesting short stories about vampires. If you are a fan of short stories and vampires these are stories you need to read. That said, let me also add that these stories are short, so by then end you will always want more and expect more (so if you can handle this then go ahead and read it, if not then don't bother, because you will not be satisfy- believe me, I know!!) Este libro tiene muchas historias cortas acerca de vampiros; si el tema de vampiros te atrae y si eres fan de historias cortas, entonces este es un libro que debes tratar. Ahora, si no te gusta quedarte esperando mas de las historias y sus personajes, si historias cortas no son de tu agrado, mejor piensalo antes de comprar este libro (mejor ve a la biblioteca o libreria y lee la primera historia antes de comprarlo, asi podras decider si este libro es para ti o no). Until next time---hasta la próxima! :)

Do You like book Eternal Kiss, The: 13 Vampire Tales Of Blood And Desire (2010)?

I like this vamp collection of stories. Some were creeptastic, but all were entertaining.

I liked most of the short stories in this collection.


A good mix of stories for Vampire lovers

It was very good.

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