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Eternal Rider (2011)

Eternal Rider (2011)

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044657449X (ISBN13: 9780446574495)
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About book Eternal Rider (2011)

I loved this book. I actually purchased this from Audible and not only is it an excellent story with an intricate plot but it was superbly narrated by Hillary Huber. Each of the Horse"men" AND their sassy Horse"woman" sister is a force with which to be reckoned. With one seal already broken, guarding the remaining three seals in order to prevent the end of days is the main objective, but when love comes crashing into their world with a big slobbery Hellhound pup on it's heels the end might be just around the bend. Larissa Ione's Horseman rival any werewolf/vampire/super-whatever out there in all of their fierce glory. I've already started the second in this set and can't wait to read more by this talented author. In this book we branch away from the Demonica books into the stories of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. They're not evil really, not unless their seals are broken. Unfortunately, pestilence's has. Now his brothers and sister need to stop him.This is the story of Aries, whose seal ends up in the body of a human female. Cara, an animal healer who heals a hell hound early in the book. I liked Cara more than a few of the recent heroines because she wasn't a cookie cutter. She was a bit softer, although she did end up getting the sassy attitude. I could have done without that. I'm starting to think that we're confusing strength in women with either manly traits or else the ability to sass. Regardless... I like the new turn this series is taking. You can't start here. I know it says "Lords of Deliverance #1) but really, start with the first Demonica book and work your way forward. This is a branch. You can probably follow what's going on if you haven't read the prequels, but why would you do that? Aries and Cara don't entirely thwart the coming apocalypse in this book, so there is more to enjoy... I continue to reommend!

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Love this new take on the Demonica series...Can't wait to read the other three horseman stories:-)

Scary much?Yeah!I like him a lot and the when she grew to her full potential. Man, oh man.

Great book. Moving on the next in the series.

loved it


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