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Ethan: Lord Of Scandals (2013)

Ethan: Lord of Scandals (2013)

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Their similar responses to stressful situations add a deeper level of empathy between Alice and Ethan that makes the speed of their emotional connection believable. The Lonely Lords series has a sadder undertone and adheres to the story structure and plotlines of traditional historical romance, which just makes me miss reading about the joyful, complicated Windhams. So this 3-star rating is assigned relative to the high expectations that G.B.'s writing technique and imagination have led me to take for granted from her. Ethan is still an exceptionally intimate story about loss, grief, recovery, and moving forward within a loving, extended network of family and friends. We were first introduced to Gareth as Marquess Heathgate in Lonely Lord Ethan's story. He seemed a rather stern man but he was patient with Ethan's sons and had proved to be a most trustworthy, loyal friend and confidante to Ethan. Gareth finally has his turn in the spotlight and Grace Burrowes' treats us to a story that starts with an unusual premise. I didn't think I could be more surprised at one of Burrowes' story openings than I was with Darius, but she outdid herself. Felicity Worthington, a spinster of limited means, has been left in charge of a brothel by a deceased relative. Gareth is named in her cousin's will as one of two men that she can turn to in order to learn the business. The terms of the will are very detailed as to what Felicity's 'education' must entail. Thus begins an unusual love story.Gareth is a very reluctant member of ton and has a reputation as a rake. He is not unkind to former mistresses but he is not interested in any marriage, children or any permanent entanglements either. And while his reputation precedes him, he is enough of a gentleman that he cannot, in good conscience, leave Felicity in the hands of the other man named in her cousin's will.Felicity's father passed on without a male heir and left his daughters very near poverty as he neglected to make adequate provision for their futures. In spite of her limited means, Felicity is determined that her sister will have her 'come-out' when she reaches the proper age. Therefore, she's willing to abide by the terms of the will in order to secure her sister's future. While she is not happy about this task and knows that if the details get out but she and her sister, Astrid, will be ruined, she is committed to the duties at hand.Even at the ripe old age of 25, Felicity is very much an innocent and while Gareth has mixed feelings about what is required of him, their scenes and chemistry were a joy to read. He often says and does things to be deliberately shocking while Felicity treats him without any regard for his station and often scolds him and calls him out on his behavior. And while they both struggle under the weight of their individual situations and the burden of the will, they develop a deep, genuine affection for one another over their time together and I loved watching it unfold. I will say that this book is a little on the spicier side for Burrowes, but it's not all about the physical aspects of their relationship. I love the dialogue and tender moments that Burrowes manages to create between all of her heroes and heroines. In these scenes, the characters are so unguarded, tender and sweetly written and even forthright, closed off Gareth couldn't escape these loving, vulnerable moments as hard as he tried.I will say that the villain in this story was so odious, my jaw literally dropped at one point. However, we are treated to some great secondary characters that will eventually have their own stories. We haven't seen the last of Astrid, Felicity's sister - a very spirited 17 year old that would drive me nuts. Andrew, Gareth's brother and current heir, will have his own story this year. And the mysterious David Holbrook with the mismatched eyes has popped up in previous stories by Burrowes and we will have his story soon too.All in all, Grace Burrowes' has given us another delightful tale that I think romance lovers will enjoy.

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Somewhat conflicted. Started out slow, but turned out well-I liked it, by the endReview to come

I've fallen down the rabbit hole. See ya when I finish binge reading Burrowes's backlist.

Off to reread this again, then Benjamin's story and maybe all the Lost Lords...

I was near tears at the end. Awwwwww.

3.75 out of 5

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